Friday, January 28, 2011

Dine Out vs Dining In

If you're like the majority of people living downtown you are contemplating all the dine out options .... should i take this opportunity to visit with friends or invite that potential " friend " out. The idea of not taking advantage of or feeling left out can cause an anxiety that competes with the enjoyment of the event.

As much as I enjoy dinning out I really have to weigh the enjoyment factor out against the dinning in experience.  I had the opportunity to visit and get to know two friends in an environment that I don't know if I could have done if  I had done a dine out.

I think the intimacy of inviting someone into you're home is a forgotten art. Cooking together and sharing a bottle of wine is a joy.  You always have the best table and the service is always attentative.  You are never told that you have to be out in an hour and the memories and conversations are at half the price.
So in the next week mixed it up , when the call comes and they say do you want to try this restaurant ... say to them let's visit and drink and eat ... but come over to my home and let's have our own version of dine out.

Life , Love and a glass of wine

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